Power Rangers: Names And Faces

Zordon- Zordon was the wisest wizard on the side of good. He recruited the orginal power rangers to fight the evil empress Rita Repulsa. Zordon was trapped in a time hole. Later he was freed from that time hole and went back to his home planet of Eltar. He was captured by Dark Spector. He would sacrifce himself to save the universe.

Tommy Oliver-Tommy Oliver debuted as the evil green ranger. Late he was freed from the evil spell he was under and jioned the Power Rangers. H later served as the white ranger and became the leader of the team. During zeo and Turbo he was the red ranger. He now serves as the mentor for the DinoThunder rangers and the black dino ranger. He is a doctor in palentology.

Kimberly Hart-Kimberly Hart was chosen to be the pink power ranger by Zordon. She was a valley girl and an excllent gymnists. She quickly fell for Tommy the green ranger. She supported him when he had problems with his powers. The two became a couple. Kim was happy when Tommy became the white ranger. She would have power trouble of her own. After it was resolved she left to train for the Pan Am games, passing her powers to Kat.

Command Center- The Command Center was home to Zordon and his robot assistant Alpha 5. It serves as the base forof the orginal power rangers No one could break into the comand center without a power cion. The command center was finally distoryed by a bomb planted by Rito and Goldar.

Jason Lee Scott- Jason Lee Scott was the orginal red ranger seklected by Zordon. He served as the leader of the rangers. Jason left to go on a peace conference and passed his powers to Rocky. HE would return during Zeo to become the Gold Ranger. He helped the rangers during the turbo adventure. He was last secene teaming up with allt the other red ranegrs in forever red .

Angel Grove- Angel Grove was a quiet Calforina like town till Rita Repulsa arrived. The power rangers were recruited to protect Angel Grove from evil. A climactic battle between good and evil occurred in the city. Zordon sacrificed himself to save the day. Angel Groce seems to have finally got a break from the monster attacks.

Putties- The Putties were Rita's foot soliders. They were genrally stupid yet were a threat when in groups. The Rangers were usually able to beat them with ease. Lord Zedd had his own bread of putties that were more lethal than Rita's batch. They could be destoryed by hitting the Zs on their chests.

Angel Grove Youth Center-The Rangers Often spent most of their time at the Angel Grove Youth Center. Ir was equiped with Ernies Juice bar and many other recreational activities ( workout machines and spaces for martial arts class were included). Ranger teams space and beyond don't seem to use it.

Super Putties- Super Putties were a special batch of putties Rita sent after the Rangers. Using special blasters the Ranger destroyed them.

Billy Cranston- Billy was the orginal blue ranger selected by Zordon. He was a great inventor. Billy became one of the most long running rangers. Durinh Zeo he served as the rangers tech specialists. He would late leave and go  to the planet aquitar, to be with his Alien girlfriend.

Communicators-Billy created special comunicators for the rangers that would allow them to commuicate with themselves and Zordon. It also gave them the power to teleport to the Command Center. These communicators would come in handy time and again for all the earlier ranger teams. It doesn't seem to be a tool of current ranger teams but was used by Tommy and Kat's grandson in the future.

Zack- Zack was the Original Black Ranger. He was a great dancer and a very confident Ranger. He was also  very intellegent. Zack  mastered his own martial arts move called the Hip Hop Kiddo. Zack left to jion a teen peace conference, passing his powers on to Adam.

Rad Bug- Billy turn an ordinary car into a flying vichule. He calls the car the Rad Bug. It came in handy during the time Tommy  damaged the Command Center ( Whoel inde r Rita's Spell). The Rangers didn't use it much after Lord Zedd arrived.

Trini Kwang- Trini was the Original Yellow Ranger. She was a very smart woman and  was a great Martial Artists. She also did gymnastics with Kimberly. Trini passed her powers on to Ashley when she left to participate in a teen peace conference.

Juice Bar- The Juice Bar was located in Angel Grove Youth Center. It was run by Ernie. The Rangers often visited the Bar and sampled its all natural drinks. During Turbo Lt. Stone bought the Juice Bar to run as Ernie had to leave. Later Ranger teams seem not to visit this classic estabalishment like their predessors did..

Bulk-Bulk was a bombling punk who liked to make fun of the power teens. Most of the jokes came back at him and his firend Skull. Later he embarked on a quest to find the power rangers. He enroled in the jr. police patrol and served under Lt. Stone until he quit when his boss was fired. Bulk's worked as dective for  Dtone for awhile. During a return bid to the JR police patrol he was turned into a chimp. After they were restored to normal he bounced aorund from job to job and ended up working for Professor Phenomonus catching aliens. He actually played a big role in the final battle against Astronoma. He would later be a part of Terra Ventures' population. Bulk was last scene running a club with his friend Skull.

Power Sword-The Power Zord was Jason; Power Weapon. It helps Jason defeat Many of Rita's Monsters.

Tranasuarus Dino Zord- The Tranasuarus Dino Zord was the Zord used by Jason. It was one of the strongest DinoZords and was capable of doing its own damage even when it wasn't part of the megazord.

Power Bow-Kimberly was given the power bow as her weapon. There were many a time when the arrows of the power bow saved the day for the team.

Mastadon Dino Zord- The Mastodon Dino Zord was pioleted by Zack. It had the ability to freeze monsters.

Power Axe-Zack used the awesome Power Ax as his weapon. It doubled as a blaster. Zack used the weapon like a Master.

Pyherdactyl Dino Zord- The Pyherdactyl  Dinozord was  kimberly's zord. It was a flying zord.

Power Daggers- The Power Daggers became Trini's powerful weapons. They only added to Trini's capablity as a fighter.

Triceratops Dino Zord- The Triceratops Dinozord was piloted by Billy.

Rita Repulsa- Rita was Zordon's old rival? She imprsion him in an interdemensional warp and he imprisioned her in a dumbster. When she escaped Zordon recruited power rangers to fight her.  Rita would be desposed of by her master, Lord Zedd. Later she woudl return and use a love potion to coax him into marriage. When Zordon sacrificed himself to save the unverse Rita became a normal human.

Sabertooth Tiger Dino Zord-  The Sabertooth Tiger Dino Zord was Trinis' Zord

Power Cions- The Power Cions were the source of the Ranger's powers. Each coin contained the essense of the Rangers dinosuar spirits. When the Rangers lost their dinosuar powers they journeyed to meet the forger of the power cions, Ninjor. Ninjor either gave the Rangers new power cions or recharged their old ones with ninja power. Rita and Zedd later distoyed this incarnation of the power cions.

Skull-Skull was Bulk's best firend. He used to try to torment th orginal power teens. butt his antica were usually laughable. Later he tried to find the idenities of the rangers. After given up on that debatacle he jioned the JR police patrol. After more than a year in its service he quit after LT Stone was fired. He worked for Stone as a dectecive. Skull briefly returned to the jr plice patrol but was turned into a Chimp Later he was restored to human form and bounched around from job to job. He got a job catching aliens with Professor Phenomonus. He played a key role in the rangers fight against Astronoma's forces. Skull overslept on the day he was supposed to be on Terra Venture. He was last seen running a club with Bulk.

Power Morphers- The Power Morphers held the ranger's power cions and gave them access to their mighty power.

Dragonzord- The Dragonzord wa spioleted by Tommy. It was one of the best Dinozords.

Power Blaster- When all five of the core rangers weapons came together they were able to come together they formed the power blaster. It proved to be a capable weapon in the fight agaisnt Rita's Monster's.

Dragon Dagger- The Dragon Dagger was Tommy's weapon. He used it to summon the mighty Dragonzord.

Blade Blasters- The blade blasters were powerful lasers that the Rangers used. They doubled as blades. The rangers could also use them in unison to creat one massive blast.

Scorpina- Scropina was one of Rita's most powerful Generals. She looked  bueatiful on the outside but when she grew into a giant she took on a more evil form She tried to trick Adam with her bueaty once but her plan was quickly foiled. She was the perfect match for Goldar.

Megazord- When all five of the orginal ranger zords come together the megazord is formed. The megaz zord was usually able to derfeat Rita's Monsters witht he Power Sword.

Dragon Shield- When Tommy was the Green Ranger he was pretected by a powerful sheild. On few ocations he was abale to transfer this shield to Jason and Zack. Jason used the shield a lot when Tommy lost his powers and had to temporally pass what wa left of his powers  to the Red Ranger.

Goldar-Goldar was Rita's faithful servant. He tried to put fear intot he rangers as he fought them.He later became Lord Zedd's second in command. The Zeo cystal once erased his memories and he spent time working for Bulk and Skull. Once he got his memories back he rejioned Zedd and Rita.  He continued to fight under Zedd and Rita till Zordon released his wave.

Mega Dragonzord- When the Dragon Zord combines withthe megazord the powerful Mega Dragon Zord was formed.

Titanus- Titantus was a powerful carrier zord that tested Jason and Tommy. Later it became the Rangers ally.

Dragonzord Worrier mode. When the Dragonzord jioned with the Mastadon, Sabertoothtiger, and Triceratops Dinozords the Dragonzord went into worrier mode. This gave the Ranger a second Megazord.

Ernie- Ernie ran the Juice Bar and acted as the Ranger's friend. He was a very kind man who never hesitated to give people a hand.

Ultrazord- When the Megazord, Dragonzord, and the Titantus Carrier Zord combined the Ultrazord was formed. The Ultrazord was used against Rita's most vile monsters.

Green Candle-Rita used the Green Candle to drain Tommy of his Green Ranger Powers.

Dark Demension-Rita had a Dark Demension that she tried to lure the Rangers to on occastion. Zedd used the same demension a few times.

Lord Zedd-Lord Zedd was Rita's boss. He had her banished for her failure to destory the Power Rangers. Later she returned and made him fall in love with her via  love pioton, the two marride. Zedd was obssessd with destorying the ranger. He had a powerful zord named Surpentera. Zedd was temporally driven away by the machine empre. He would come back to foil the empire before recieveing one last defeat from the power rangers . Zedd would fight as one of Spectors forces and was turned human buy Zordon's sacrifice.

Rocky DeSantos- Rocky befriended the Rangers with his firiends Adam and Aisiha. Zedd tried to recruit him for his evil Army. Later Rocky became the new Red Ranger ( when Jason left for a peace conference). Rocky you willl also do time as a Blue Zeoranger.  He gave his spot on the team  to Justin after he got hurt. After he recovered he let Justin keep his spot.

Red Dragon Thunder Zord- When the Dino Zords were proven inaduqate in the battle against Lord Zedd, Zorodn needed to give the Rangers new zords. The  Tranasuraus Dino Zord became the Red Dragon Thunder Zord. Jason continued to piolet his thunderized zord. Later Rocky would polite it.

Aishia- Aishia became firends wth the Power Rangers when she discovered their idenitys ( along with Rocky and Adam). Later she replaced Trini as  the Yellow Ranger. When the Rangersreceived their ninja powers she was given the power of the bear. During her Zeo quest she descied to remain in afterica. Thus Aishia retired as  Ranger, given her place on the team to Tonya.

Lion Thunderzord-When Lord Zedd arrived the Mastadon Dino Zord was transformed into the Lion Thunder Zord. The zord was piolited by Zack and Later by Adam.

Saba- When Tommy became the White Ranger Zordon gave him the powerful talking zord known a Saba. Saba contorled the White Tigerzord, acting as Tommy's partner.

Griffen Thunderzord- When the Sabertooth Tiger Dino Zord was proven inadquate in the battle against Lord Zedd changes had to be made. The Zord was morphed into the Griffen Thunderzords, it was pioleted by Trini and later Aishia.

Power Cannon- In order to more effectivly battle Lord Zedd'as Creations Zordon and Alpha constructed the Power Cannon. The Rangers used this cannon to destory Zedd and Rita's evil monsters. Sometimes  the Cannon helped the Rangers aviod Zord battles.

Unicorn Thunder Zord- Billy Cranston's Triceratops Dinozord was turned into the Unicorn Thunder Zord after the arrival of Lord Zedd.

Firebird- The Phreradactyl Dinozord morphed into the Firebird Thunderzord after the arrival of Lord Zedd.

White Tiger Zord- Tommy was given the White Tigerzord when he became the White Ranger. It was controlled by Saba and could switch to worrier mode.

Sword or Power- In attempt to steal all teh Rangers powers Zedd has one of his monsters take control of Tommy. Tommy tricks the Rangers into summoning the sword of power. The sword aparently  is from the sum of all the Ranger's powers and has the ability to still all their powers. Luckly Tommy is set free and the sword is retrieved.

Mega Thunderzord- The Mega Thunder Zord was made when all five of the core thunderzords combined. It was one of the Rangers main weapons against Zedd and Rita's Gigantic monsters. Later it was destoryed when the Morphing Grid overloaded.

Sword of Light- The Sword of light was retireved by the Rangers on an ancient planet. It was needed to transfer the powers from Jason, Trini, and Zack to Adam, Aishia and Rocky.

Tor the Shuttle Zord- Tor pproved isturmental as the rangers carrier zord. It was cabaple of housing all the thunderzords.

Dark Rangers- When Lord Zedd drained the last of Tomm'y's powers into a green crystal he turned five punks into his Dark Rangers ( from the real Ranger's powers . Before his Dark Rangers could go into battle Tommy destoryed the crystal to end them as a threat and restore all the pwoers to the real Rangers.

Adam Park- Adam took Zack's place as the black power ranger. He was very shy but became a great ranger. During zeo and turbo he served as the green ranger. He pases his turbo powers on to Carlos. He would alater return to asist Carlos during a crisies. He was able to use his old black ranger powers one last time.

Mega Tigerzord- The tigerzord could combine with the firebird, lion, unicorn, and Griffien Thunderzords to form the Megatigerzord. Yet another powerful megazord in the fight against evil.

Ultra Thunderzord- When all the thunderzords combined they formed the Ultra Thunder Zord. The most powerful thunderzord combination.

Rito Revolto- Rito Revoloto was Rita 's brother. He was very stupid but also very strong. Rito gave Lord Zedd and Rita's the tengas and led an attack on the Rangers that overloaded the morphing grid. Rito remained to fight with his sister's side. He often annoyed Lord Zedd. The Zeo cystal once erased his memories and he spent time working for Bulk and Skull. Once he got his memories back he rejioned his sister.

Falconzord-After recieving his new njina powrs Tommy revieced the Flacon zord. The arial Ninaja Zord  was probaly one of the most powerful of the ninja zords.  When the zord was stolen by Rita and Zedd the Rangers lost the ablity to use their NInja Zords. Later Tommy retrieved his zord.

Katherine Hillard-Katherine was turned into an evil cat like spy by Rita. She tried to help her mistress destory the power rangers. Later she was freed from the spell and replaced Kim as pink ranger. She served in this role for Zeo and half off Turbo. Through her time as a ranger she became a confident young woman. She was always in love with Tommy? She is aparantly married to him in the  distant future at least.

Bear Zord- The Bear Zord was given to Ashia when she earned her new ninja powers.

Tengas- Tengas were a new bred of foot solderis for Rita and Zedd. Rito Revolto gave the tengas to the evil duo. The Rangers were able to use their  ninja powers to defeat them. Later Master Vile made them even more lethal. The Rangers were able to best the Tengas with their new mattallic armor.

Wolf Zord. When Billy recieved his new ninja powers he also recieved the Wolf Zord.

Ninjor- When the Rangers lost their conection to the morphing gird they sought out the forger of the power cions Ninjor. Ninjor gave the Rangers their new Ninja Powers and Zords. He would often help them in battle when they needed it. Zedd and Rita coptured him. Luckly the Rangers were able to rescue him after Master Viles arrived. When Vile turned earth's time back the Ranger lost all contact with the Ninja Master.

Bear Zord- Aishia was given the power to use the bear zord when she recieved his ninja powers

Master Vile- MAster Vile was thwe father of Rito Revolto an Rtia Repulsa. He conquered the M 58 galaxy long ago. The zeo crytsal was hiddeen from him on Earth's moon. vile came to the Earth to retrieve the cyrstal. The Power Raners got he cyrstal first. Vile used his powers to turn time back on Earth. When the alien ranegrs arrived Vile became furstrated and returned to his home galaxy. He later took in Zedd and Rita when they were attacked by the Machine Empire HE was persumably distoryed by Zordon's wave.

Ape Zord- Rocky was given the power of the awsome ape zord when he received his ninja powers

Metallic Armor- When Master Vile arrived he gave the Tengas more evil power. Zordon gave the Rangers powerful armor to defend themselves against the tengas.

Crane Zord- The Crane Zord was pioleted by Kimberly she recieved her ninja powers. Later Kat was able to use it. 

Lt. Stone- Bulk and Skull decided to become Jr police officers. Lt. Stone was their suprior officer. The two buffons often times messed up all of Stone's orders.  When Stone was fired from the Police  Department Stone became a dectective. Bulka and Skull went to work for them and the two continued to mess up his assignments. Stone briefly returned to the Police Department and retired. He bought the Juice Bar from Ernie and ran it much like he did. He took care of Bulk and Skull when they were chimps.

King Mondo- King Mondo was the leader of the evil Machine Empire. His soldiers were flawless in battle until Mondo meant the Zeo rangers. Mondo was defeated by the super zeo megazord. Only to come back one more time. He was again defeated by the rangers and a clever scheme by Zedd and Rita. Mondo would be reassembled again to help Dark Spector. Zordon's wave would vaporize him.

Tonya Sloan- Tonya's father  and other were explored lost on an island. Tonya was sheltered by an Aferican Tribe when time was turned back young Tonya helped young Asihia in her zeo quest. Aishia decided to stay and help with the tribes animal problem. She sent Tonya in her place. When Time was restored Tonya became the Yellow Zeo Ranger.  Tonya had a relationship with a boy named Shawn . When he started putting her down she dumped him. Later the two were able to become friends. Tonya recieved Turbo Powers in the teams quest against  Divatox. Tonya graduated from high scholl and got a job working for a radio station. She later  passed her powers on to Ashley.

Prince Gasket- Prince Gasket was Mondo and Machina's First son. he marride the daughter of Mondo's Arch rival. Together whith his wife Archina Gakset returned to take over th Machine Empire while his father was gone. He tricked Louie Kaboom into fighting the Rangers so he could get rid of him .Later  Mondo returned and Gasket was forced to retreat when defeated by the Rangers.

Power Chamber- When the Command Center was destoryed Alpha and Zordon escaped to the secret power chamber. The Power Chamber rebuilt the Command Center's structure and became the new base for the Power Rangers. It recieved a make over after zeo. The Power Chamber was destoryed by an assault by Divatox.

TJ- TJ was selected to replaceTommy as the red turbno ranger and leader of the team. Through his leadership TJ was able to get the rnager out of a no win situation against one of Divatox's Monsters. TJ would later become the blue space ranger. He helped his friends in the finall battle against Dark Spector. TJ would don is turbo powers once more to particpate in a massive red ranger team up.

Divatox-Divatox was a pirate qween tha desparatly wanted to merry the evil Maligore. When the rangers  defeated her and ruined her plans she swore revenge. The Turbo Rangers wer able to defeat her at every turn. She was able to laad an sucessfull assualt on the Power Chamber. Ultimatly destorying it and the new turbno ranger's powers. Later she would be turned human  by Zordon's Wave.

Andros- Andros was the red space ranger. He spent his whole life searching for hsis lost sister an battleing the forces of Dark Spector. He meant up with the Turbo rangers and made them into space rangers. Andros was best friend to Zhane the silver ranger.  Andros soon discovered his sister was indeed Astronoma. After convincing her to jion the good side he would lose her again to Spector's evil device. Andros would destory Zordon's tube as he instructed to allow Zordon wave to defeat the forces of Astronoma. Astronoma was once again restored to Karone. Andros would later help the red rangers against the remnants of the Machine Empire.

K035- KO35 is a space coloney. It is home to Andros, Zhane, and Karone. During Dark Spector's invasion the planet's poulation was forced to evacuate. Some of them later formed a resistance against the evil monarch. After Spector's Empire was defeated the inhabitants were able to return home.

Astro Megazhip-The Astro Megaship was a State of the Ark spaceship. The megaship belonged to Andros. It became the base of the space rangers.  Later the galaxy ranger would use it. Ultmatly the ship would self distruct in the battle with Trakeena's Scorpion Stinger.

Karone/Astronoma- Karone was abducted while she was playing with her brother, Andros. She was raised to be evil and became Astronoma. As Astronoma she became one of Dar Spectors rising generals. She was charged with destorying th space rnagers. She later learned her true idenity and became good, only to be brainwashed by Dark Spector. Zordon's wave restored her to normal. She later became the Pink Galaxy Ranger when Kendrix died.

Dark Fortress- The Dark fortress was a gigantic space craft that provided Astronoma with her base. During the final battle bnetween Spector's Army and the rangers Zordon was placed on the massive ship. It was here Andros released Zordon form his tube.

Dark Spector- Dark Spector was the grand monarch of evil. He was Zordon's counterpart in every way. Spector organized his alliance of evil in an attempt to conquer the universe. He conqured Zordon and was able to launch and attack on the universe. Spector was killed in a power play by Dark Spector. Later his army failed as well.

Leo Corbett- Leo was a young man who desparatly wanted to be on Terra Venture like his brother. He wound up on Marinoi, trying to defend the quasar sabers. His brother pulled the red quasar saber but was aparently killed (later Mike came back and was not really dead). Mike passed his saber on to Leo. Leo served as the red galaxy ranger. He won many battles ,even killing Scorpious in self defense.  It was Leo that defeated Trakeena in the end with his mega battle. He later teamed up with the other red rangers.

Terra Venture-Terra Venture was a space colony built to transport a fourth of the worlds population to a unexplored planet. The galaxy rangers protected thei coloney from the evil Scorpious, Captian Mutiney,and Trakeena. The coloney reached its destianation but was grounded on a moon. The colonists were forced to abandon the damaged coloney in order to make it to their new world.

Scorpious- Scoripous wanted the quasar sabers desparetly. Whent he fell into the hands of the galaxy rangers he followed Terra Venture where ever it went. Later he tried to get the Lights Orion. Eventually the ranger would use that  artifact to destory him (when his own henchman tricked him into thinking the rangers had his daughter hostage.

Trakeena-Trakeena was scorpious' daughter. She ran way from home when he wanted her to step into the cacoon to shed her mortal bueaty in exchange for great power. There she meant Villimax and trained to becoem a great worrier. When she learned her fathe was killed at the hands of Leo she swore revenge. Later she did enter the cacoon  as a last ditch effort to destory the rangers. Leo would defeat her. She would return one last time to face the Galaxy and Lighspeed Rangers. There she would be destoryed for good.

Carter Greyson- Carter Greyson was recruited to be  the Red Lightspeed Ranger after serving time as A fireman. He proved to be a dedicated and buy the books Ranger. He always got his friends out of a jam. He was almost sucked into the shadow world by Qween Bansheera. Thankfully his friends were able to save him. He participated in a massive Red Ranger team up.

Aqua Base- The Aqua base Served as the headquaters of the Lighspeed Rangers. It was an underwaterbas that the demons could not get into. Later it was destoryed when Badlings smuggled aboard one of the megazords.

Ryan Mitchill-Ryan Mitchill was the son of Catpian Mitchill ( the leader of Lighspeed). Ryan was beleived to be dead in a car crash. Michill was forced to sell Ryan to Dobolcio in order to save him. Ryan  returned as an adult twenty years later and took the Tatanium Morpher, beleiveing his dad had abandoned him. When he learned the truth he jioned the Rangers and was instrumental in the defeat of the demons.

Bansheera- Bansheera was the qween of the Demons. She lost her physcial form at some piont. She desparatly wanted her minions to rebiuld her temple and restore her to power. She would use her minions in any way that led to her goals being met. Bansheera's son Olympus would restore her to physcial form but she was still incomplete. Eventually she gian her full form and preare to release all her demons from the shadow world. The rangers were able to stop her and marron her in the Shadow World.

Dobolico- Dobolico was Bansheera's General. He stoled Ryan from Captian Mitchill. Later Ryan would turn on him. Dobolico was defeated by the Lightspeed Solar Megazord. He woudl later be ressurected. When Qween Bansheera killed his friend Loki, Dobolico turned on his Qween. He was instrumental in her defeat.

Skull Cavarn-Skull Cavaran was the demons main base. It cisted in another demension. When Bansheera tried to release her demons from the shadow world SKull Cavern teleported to earth. When the demosn were defeated Skull Cavern disentigrated.

Wesley Collins- Wes was a rich teen that was being forced into following in his father's footsteps. When theTF ranger came back in time they were amazed that he looked like their fallen leader (Alex). Wes would take over Alex's role as Red Time Force ranger. He would learn to make his own distiney. After Ransik's defeat Wes teamed up with his old rival (Eric) to lead the Sliver Guardians. Wes also partcipated in the massive red ranger team up.

Jen Scott- Jen was a Timeforce Officer from the yar 3000. When Ransik Killed her fiancee Jen would lead her team to the past with their time force morphers. She would stop at nothing to get Ranisk. Oveer the course of her mission she fell in love with new Red Ranger Wesley Collins. Even after she found out Alex was alive she knew her feelings were with Wes. Later she would return to the future wihen Ransik wad aprehended.

Ransik- Ransik was a powerful mutant that led a criminal organization. His mistreatment from the public led to his life of crime. When Time Force Ranger Alex  captured him, Ransik would escape and kill the red ranger. He would journy back in time to be followed by he Time Force Rangers. Eventually he would learn he error of his ways and surrender peacefully. He later helped the Time Force  and Wild Force Rangers against the Muteorgs.

Clock Tower-The Clock Tower was the base for the Time Force  rangers. It didn't look like much at first but it was at an excellent stratigic location. The Rangers lived there and ran a odd job bussinuss to pay the bills. Ransik later destoryed it in an attack.

Eric Meyers- Eric was a poor kid that dreamed of big things. He was a rival to Wes. Eric jioned the Silver Gaurdians to prove he could do great things. Later he found the Quantum Morpher and became the Quantum Ranger. He would learned lead Silver Guardians. LAater he would soften his stance against Wes. After Ransik was defeated Wes and Eric would lead the Silver Guardians together.

Cryo-Prison- The Cry-Prison was home to the most vile mutant criminals. They were frozen for their crimes. Later Ransik took the ship back in time and used the mutants against the Rangers. Once the Rangers were victorious the Cryo-Prison most likely returned to the future.

Cole Evans- Cole was found by a tribe in the jungle. When he reached adulthood he went on a quest to find his birth paranetrs. He soon found his distiny was to become the Red Wild Force Ranger. Cole would become a formidable Ranger. Late he woud find out that Master Org murdered his parents. He would opt not to take revenge since it would have brought him down to the Master's level. After the defeat of the Orgs cole became an animal doctor.

Animarium- The Animarium was a floating island in the sky. It was the last remnants of the ancient Animeria Civilization. It served as the home for the Wild Zords. After the defeat of the ORgs Shayla remianed on Animeria till the next threat arrived.

Master Org-Master Org was the leader of the Orgs. He was defeated 3000 years ago but was able to return. He would stop at nothing to conquer the earth. Later he was revealed as a human that assummed the role when he murdered his former friends out of jealousy. The seeds of Master Org changed him into an evil being. Later he became a full Org. The Rangers would defeat him in a clamatic battle.

Org Nexus- The Org Nexus was the base of Master ORg. . It was nearly unreachable unless you were an org. During the final battle the Org Nexas was lost.

Zen-Aku/Merrick- Zen-Aku was a Duke Org that proved a horrible threat to the rangers. Later it was revealed that Zen-Aku was really Merrick, one of the orginal Worriers of Animeria. He used the Mask of Zen-Aku to defeat Master Org. But it turned him inoto the duke org. Merrick was freed from the curse and became the Lunar Wolf Ranger. He would later have to face Zen-Aku himself. After the battle was over Merrick journeyed with a  repentent Zen-Aku.

Cam Watanabe- Cam was the son of the Sensei of the ninja rangers. He was the trustworthy tech guy to the team. He became frusteated when his father wouldn't train him in the ways of the ninja ( because oaf a promise to Cam's dead mother). Later Cam went back in time to retrieve a powerful green amulet. The amulet gave Cam the power to turn into the Green Samuria Ranger. Cam became a powerful force in the fight against Lothor and his defeat.

Ninja Ops- Ninja Ops served as the base of the Wind and Thunder Ninjas. It was hidden near the Wind Ninja Acadamy. It was equiped with al the latest technology. Lothor. later destoryed the base.

Lothor- Lothor was a powerul Ninja Warlord who was long ago banished from the Wind Ninja Acadamy for his evil ways. Lothor returned to earth and kidnapped all the ninjas of the world. The Wind and Thunder Rnaegers became the world's last hope against him. Lothor had murdered the thunder rangers parents long ago. Later it was revealed that Lothor was Sensei's twin bother. Lothor tried to unleash a powerful evil from an evil vortex. The Wind Ninja defeated him and sent him into the vortex.

Lothor's Space Ship- Lothor's Spaceship provided the villan with his base. It was the base of operations for his army of evil space ninjas. Later the ship was destroyed, before the final battle between him and the Wind/Thunder Rangers.

Trent Fernandez-Trent was the DinoThunder Rangers unkowning friend. He was  the adopted son of Anton Mercer. He started to notice  wierd things in his dad's lab. He found the evil white dino gem. The gem made him into the evil White Ranger. Slowly Trent's personality was changed to fit the new killer image. He has since become a thorn on the ranger's side. Recently Trent jioned up with Mesogog ( who is Anton Mercer).

Dino Lair-  The Dino lair serves as the base for the DinoThunder rangers. It has been equiped with all the latest technology and has served the Rangers well.

Anton Mercer/Mesogog- Mercer was Tommy Olivers mentor when it came to Palientolgy when a failed experiment went wrong he developed a dangerous split personality named Mesogog. The dinosuar like villian became hell bent on turning the world into his prehistoric paradise. He has been challenged time and again by the DinoThunder Rangers ( led by Dr Oliver). His adopted son (Trent) has since jioned his ranks as the evil white ranger. 

Mesogog's Lab- Mesogog's Lab is where the villian conducts his experiments and plans for world domination. He creates a multitude of prehistoric monsters there with his georandamizer.

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