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Destiny Defeated 01/16/15 11:37 PM

Is Time Force Corrupt?
Time Force never really followed up on this. But in the beginning it pretty much seems like Time Force isn't the clear cut good guy. They practice genetic engineering and persecute the "failures". Many of the criminals they arrest are created by the very prejudice they created. Mutants are driven to crime since there is no other way for them to survive.

Time Force uses this hate to control and motivate their own officers. Who would rarely question their authority. When they send them back in time they forcibly erase their memories when they return to the future.... So they don't get any ideas that might interfere with Time Force ideology.

Time Force feels like a dictatorship where anyone who goes against them are branded as criminals. Much like Ransik who is mostly just guilty of trying to survive.

MMPR Forever 01/18/15 09:34 PM

Re: Is Time Force Corrupt?
I always thought Time Force was too harsh. They were a bunch of bullys. I felt sorry for Ransik. The Rangers werent very likeable. Especially Eric, he should have been under an evil spell like Tommy.

Kilobyte 01/18/15 09:39 PM

Re: Is Time Force Corrupt?
I don't buy this. Time Force were only putting away mutant criminals. Ransik was a murderer and an threat to society. Plus I don't see anyone forcing parents to have genetic engineered children. The mutants that were legitmate members of society were given chances. Dash was a successful race car drive until he recklessly hurt people.

Astronema 01/18/15 09:40 PM

Re: Is Time Force Corrupt?
Yeah, if they were so evil they would have destoryed the mutants instead of freezing them.

MattEmily 01/18/15 11:07 PM

Re: Is Time Force Corrupt?
I don't agree that Time Force is a corrupt organization much like Astronema said if they were only corrupted then they'd be killing the mutants instead of capturing them and freezing them.

Granted while it's not exactly ethical to create babies the way they did there's nothing wrong with giving them a healthy life even if they had an unnatural birth.

Ransik never wanted any help he only wanted power much like Jen claims. Look at what happened between Ransik and Dr. Ferricks he pretty much murdered him due to causing arson to his laboratory... only Ransik had no idea that Ferricks was smart enough to build himself a new body so that he could remain living as a robot.
Ferricks was willing to help him out regardless of what he was and how did Ransik repay him? With attempted murder and thievery.

Captain Codfish 01/19/15 01:11 PM

Re: Is Time Force Corrupt?
This is why I like Time Force. The characters were more multilayered. Time Force makes mistakes but I wouldn't call them evil. They are just human and make mistakes. Ransik started out as an evil villain. But the prejudice he felt led him down his path. So while he was wrong in his actions, there is a layer of sympathy you have for him. Ransik's most enduring quality was his love for Nadiera. And its through that love that he begins his path to redemption.

I found the main Rangers very likeable. Especially Wes and Jen. Eric wasnt very likeable but he wasnt supposed to be in the beginning. His motivation for becoming a Ranger was more selfish. But he became more altrustic as time went on.

VR Master 01/19/15 01:14 PM

Re: Is Time Force Corrupt?
Time Force started out with potential for the evil time force angle. But they quickly dropped it. Ransik was.protrayed as a clear cut villain who enjoyed causing pain. It wasn't until the end that he actually became good. Until then his only redeeming quality was loving his daughter. Just like Codfish just pointed out.

PRangerX 01/19/15 01:18 PM

Re: Is Time Force Corrupt?
Im glad Eric wasn't under an evil spell. PR went for that easy way out too much during the early years. Im glad Eric was a Ranger who became only for selfish reasons. It was something different. And made him interesting. It forced him to grow into the role and become more secure in his own success. Rather then hating Wes and obssessing over being better than him. Eric is quite possibly the best written sixth ever.

DarienandSerena 01/19/15 01:24 PM

Re: Is Time Force Corrupt?
I'm with MMPR Forever. I didnt like having a mean Ranger like Eric. Time Force was too sinister to be likeable. The other Rangers were just their pawns. Jen was too whiney. She was all about herself and whined about Alex constantly. Than when she fell for Wes she threw Alex to the curb. For a guy she couldn't even be with in the end. I am sure she brooded about that when she returned to the future. Ransik wasn't very likeable either. Really no one is.

Inner Senshi 01/19/15 01:28 PM

Re: Is Time Force Corrupt?
I think Jen and Wes made a better couple anyway. Alex was too cold and into his work. Young Jen fell for that because she was more vunerable. Once she grew up Jen realized a guy like Wes was better for her

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