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HenshinSlayer 03/15/10 03:00 PM

Create your Advent Deck
If you had an Advent Deck, what kind of rider would you become and what Advent Beast will you possess? What cards will you wield?


Rider Name:

Race: Earthling/Ventaran/Karshian/Demon



Advent Beast:


Advent Deck (list of cards):

Final Vent:

Reason for becoming a Kamen Rider:

Drakeonis 03/15/10 05:43 PM

Name: Drake night

Rider name: kamen rider Fenris


Element: Azure fire


Advent beast:getsulobo- blue and silver wolf with red horn

Advent deck:azure deck gold wolf head symbol

Final vent: fenris and getsulobo run side by side fenris feet is covered in azure flames he jumps and does a kick getsulobo jumps and spins around fenris transforming him into a flaming blue drill

GalaxyRiderZERO 03/15/10 09:37 PM

Lol you made two of the same thread....

HenshinSlayer 03/15/10 10:01 PM

its my fault

Here's my Fenrir idea

Name: Hayden Carter

Rider Name: Kamen Rider Lunar Knight

Element: Shadow

Advent Beast: Fenrirescent

Visor: Fenrivisor - A big boomerang

Deck and Armor Color: Indigo

Advent Deck:
- Attack Vent: Summon Fenrirescent
- Sword Vent: Fenrisword - A crescent-like sword
- Shoot Vent: Fenrifle - A rifle
- Final Vent: A crescent kick

Reason for becoming a Kamen Rider: A record deal. And to find his true song on what makes someone a hero.

Hayden is a silent and special artist who got turned down by some record companies that won't accept his music. Xaviax disguised himself as a record producer to hire him into thinking he works for a record company. Fighting monsters became Hayden's second hobby.

HenshinSlayer 03/15/10 11:25 PM

How would you guys feel about the ideas of Xaviax manipulating some stars?
Like... Joe Jonas!

Drakeonis 03/16/10 12:18 AM

Woah my bad didn't know you made a fenris based rider

HenshinSlayer 03/16/10 12:50 AM


Originally Posted by Drakeonis (Post 5068)
Woah my bad didn't know you made a fenris based rider

Its okay. Lets replace our ideas onto the same topic I have on the fanfiction page. Thank you very much!

TokuNoob 03/16/10 08:02 PM

Geez, everyone's stealing the wolf motiff!

PrimoPiccolo 03/16/10 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by TokuNoob (Post 5082)
Geez, everyone's stealing the wolf motiff!

Ah, the wolf, part of the holy trinity of ridiculously overused animal totems in fantasy action.

Only the lion and western dragon are more often found.

HenshinSlayer 03/16/10 09:32 PM

Anymore animals? C'mon people! The reason you became a rider?

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