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Cosmic Ranger 02/12/18 01:55 PM

Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG
Millions of years ago the Morphing Masters mastered the Morphing Grid. One of their own betrayed them and murdered his former allies for Power. He became Dark Specter the self proclaimed Grand Monarch of Evil.

The students of the Masters escaped and became the Power Rangers. They battled the dark forces in lewgue with Specter. Erdon and Bandora betrayed the other Power Rangers to join Spector. They became known as Zedd and Rita.

After a terrible battle Zordon , the last Power Ranger escaped to Earth. Zedd and Rita followed him. Zordon helped five local warriors known as Zyu to connect to the Morphing Grid. They became the Zyurangers.

The Sixth Zyuranger joined Rita and helped her betray Zedd. The two than planned to conquer the Earth. After a terrible battle much damage with done to the Zyuranger's civilization. Zordon sacrificed himself to seal Rita away. While the Zyuranger were able to defeat their traitor.

With Earthy Dying the Zyurangers used their powers to reset the Earth. But the spirkts of the Dinosuars remained in them. One day they coins would awaken and find new masters.

Zordon 's Spirit remained in his ship's Command Center. He watched over the Earth as evolution brought modern day humanity. But he knew evil would one day return and a new Rangers Team would be needed . The power coins were left around the Earth until thry bonded with their new holders.

Character Instructions

Powers are based on season 1. The Orginal Five Rangers are avaliable.




Character History

I will be the dungeon master and control all non playing characters.

Cosmic Ranger 02/12/18 02:03 PM

Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG
The Moon was the remnants of part of the Earth that blew off. This is where Rita is trapped. Two Astronauts are studying the moon where they find a strange temple. As they study the temperature Rita is freed from her tomb

"Its been too long since I have awakened!" Rita looked at her two visitor's

"Why don't I give you the proper thank you for setting me free" laughed the evil Queen

Rita's powerful staff appeared in her hands as she used it to strike the astronauts.

"Now you will be my loyal servants and warriors."

As the two Astronauts screamed in terror their forms began to change into their new warrior bodies.

"Henceforth you shall be known as Goldar and Scorprina!"

The new evil warriors bowed to their new queen as their identities were now completely changed.

"I see Earth has changed and a new civilization has emerged. All the more interesting to conquer! But I sense Zordon 's Spirit. If he dares recruit new warriors to stop me, he will only bring more misery for his precious humans. "

Hexagon Ranger 02/14/18 04:39 PM

Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG

Name: Scott St. John

Powers: Red Ranger

Character History

A high school student skilled in a martial arts. He got into trouble for bullying another student. He lost his spot on the Angel Grove Football Team and his job as a karate instructor at the juice bar . Despite this he does have a good heart. But tends to jump into situations too quickly.

Cosmic Ranger 02/14/18 04:44 PM

Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG
Deep in the desert of Angel Grove the Command Center came to life as Zordon 's Spirit awakened.

"Alpha I sense the dark side of the Morphing Grid. I can sense that Rita has awakened".

" Ayi, Ayi Zordon, my calculations show the Earthlings don't have the technology to defend themselves! "

"That responsibility will have to fall to those that the power coins choose. Keep monitoring for bondings. The coins should react to the threat and chose their new owners. We will teleport these special humwns once they are found."

Hexagon Ranger 02/14/18 04:46 PM

Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG
Scott is in the juice bar finishing his fruit drink. He watches as he former karate class is taught by his rival . He gets frustrated and runs away to the park. Where he starts to practice his Kata to clear his head.

Cosmic Ranger 02/14/18 04:48 PM

Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG
As Scott is practicing he hears something fall from the tree. It is a small gold coin with the the amblem of a Tyranasuarus.

Hexagon Ranger 02/14/18 04:49 PM

Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG
Scott sees the strange coin and picks it up. He feels himself feeling a rush of power he has never felt before.

Cosmic Ranger 02/14/18 04:52 PM

Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG
"Zordon the Command Center detects that the Red Coin has found its new owner."

" Yes Alpha. I can sense it in the Grid. Teleport our new young friend quickly"

Alpha used the Command Center instruments to teleport the human to the Command Center. Wondering what the new human friend will be like.

Hexagon Ranger 02/14/18 04:54 PM

Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG
Scott feels a strange feeling as he is teleported away. Before he can react he finds himself in a strange place. He looks in fear at the strange robot in front of him and immediately grabs him.

"I don't know who you are but your not gonna have your way with me"

Kimberly Hart 02/14/18 08:51 PM

Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG

Name: Sarah Johnson

Powers: Pink Ranger

Character History

Sarah Johnson is a high school student at Angel Grove High. She was a Queen Bee who lost her popularity when she dated a nerd in secret. To make matters worse he dumped her once he realizes she was ashamed of the relationship. Now she is desperately trying to rebuild her reputation.

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