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jaded_crystal_heart 08/10/06 11:41 PM

jaded_crystal_heart's Jaded Gallery
Hey, y'all...I was originally DarkPteraThunder but, I couldn't access my acct. and I no longer have access to the e-mail acct that I used to sign up for the acct. so I created this one...This will be my gallery on here, however I will be waiting until tomorrow to post anything b/c I really need to be getting to bed soon. Just thought I'd let y'all know what was going on...

jaded_crystal_heart 08/12/06 09:31 PM


Dino Thunder:
One Wing In the Fire (Trent)
Angry American: Ranger Style (DT)

Emma Lahana:
True Love
Emma Lahana
Not Pretty Enough
Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through: Textless
Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through
Girls With Guns
Stand My Ground
Stand My Ground (Original)
Kira Ford
KF Avatar
KF:Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names
Kira Blend
A Star Is Born
Kira Ford (II)
Wild One

You Lost Me
In Terms of Love
I'm Not Your Girl

Kiss Me Deadly
Whiskey Girl
Versions of You
Drinkin' 'Bout You

I Would Cry (II)
Everything You Said
Friend or Foe
I Would Cry
Left Outside Alone

That's it for now, y'all...Enjoy and leave me comments telling me what you think...

Razi 08/12/06 10:56 PM

Lovin the good stuff!


DarkMan 08/13/06 08:01 PM

oh yeah kick butt stuff u made

jaded_crystal_heart 08/13/06 09:26 PM

Remember, y'all, I do take requests...Don't hesitate to ask...Just give me pics. size and text...

greywolf 08/14/06 12:05 AM

Your stuff is always awesome I don't know why you even thought you would need a poll for this. I really like the Stand My ground ones.

jaded_crystal_heart 08/14/06 11:52 AM

Poll/New Stuffs
I didn't really think I'd need a poll...Just thought it'd be interesting to see what the results would be...

Never Let Go
Rose Avatar
Jack Avatar

Love At First Sight
Gotta Get Over You
Whiskey Girl: version 2.0

kiraford5 08/15/06 11:07 AM

i love the titanic ones. They are my absolute favorites!

jaded_crystal_heart 08/18/06 11:44 PM

New Stuffs-Smallville
Hey, y'all. I got bored and was messing around with different styles this evening and these are some of the stuffs I came up with...


Lemme know what y'all think. Laterz.

kiraford5 08/19/06 09:08 AM

OMG, I <3 the lex and the clark ones. Theyre my fave characters. Ya did them good.

Lana and Cloe are great too!!!

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