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Default Re: Did Camille and Jarrod become Power Rangers?

We all have opinions on what a Ranger is. Personally to me a Ranger is someone that can morph and can "even up the score." Mike, Solaris Knight, Wolf Warrior, Camille's Beast Form and Jarrod's Lion Form are all capable of doing that.

Mike morphs into the Magna Defender and can even up the score with his Torozord.
Daggeron can morph into Solaris Knight or his Ancient Mystic Mode and he can also even up the score with his Solar Streak Megazord.
Leanbow is capable of morphing into the Wolf Warrior or his Ancient Mystic Mode. He was also capable of evening up the score with Catastros when he was Koragg. Now whether he can even combine with Catastros as the Wolf Warrior is unknown but it's a good possibility.

Camille is capable of morphing into her Beast Mode. Granted we don't know what powers her but she does have a spirit zord that is capable of combining with the other Spiritzords.

Jarrod is capable of morphing into his Lion Form but we don't exactly know what powers him. His spirit like Camille's is also capable of zord form and he is also capable of combining his Spiritzord with the other Spiritzords.

Sure, they all have their own different kind of suit that makes them look different but I still believe that they're Rangers, they're just a different type of Ranger.

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