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Default Re: Fanfic Idea - new Legend War version

I like the idea of the Rangers fighting the villains from their own respective seasons.

For MMPR, I'd pick the original 5 (Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Jason) + Tommy as MMPR Green. The clone could be the White one. The Zeo group checks out except for Zeo Red. Maybe Eltar could come up with a Robot Ranger version of Tommy for that Ranger and also DinoThunder Black (example: just scrap robot Justin and make him into Robot Tommy for Zeo Red somehow plus come up with a Robot Tommy #2 for Brachio Power).

For Turbo, just use the 4 remaining Robot Turbos and real Justin.

The rest of the teams from the rest of the seasons all check out pretty much, however is Galaxy Pink Kendrix or Karone? I'd rather choose Karone myself, but that's just my opinion since she did end up fulfilling her dreams of being a Power Ranger and making up for all the evil she did as Astronema. Maybe come up with a plot where Kendrix decided to pursue other things in life instead of being a Power Ranger, such as science or something and chose to give her Quasar Saber to Karone permanently.
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