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Default Re: Fanfic Idea - new Legend War version

Then either skip those Ranger powers. Not having MMPR group back together kind of sucks, so if I were you, I'd just go by person and assign them the Ranger power that could make a team as complete as possible or really close to being complete or at least make a team be at least represented. So, if for example, Tommy's Green, skip MM White, Zeo Red and DinoThunder Black. Rocky could as well be Zeo Ranger III Blue and Justin Blue Turbo, but have the Turbo 1 group to be Zeo Rangers and the Turbo 2 group be Space Rangers. That way, every team is at least represented. Not every Ranger power has to be there in order for every team to be represented, since in Power Rangers, there are Rangers who had used multiple powers.

As for the villains, here's a couple of suggestions ( to the rescue for name spelling):
Lightspeed - Diabolico & Olympius and Batlings
Time Force - Frax & Cyclobots or Vypra's Soldiers from the from the LR/TF crossover
Wild Force - Zen-Aku (but independent of Merrick)
Ninja Storm - Shimazu (can't think of any other reason besides his Sentai counterpart being in Gokaiger)
DinoThunder - Mesogog (maybe Anton Mercer is involved in the new LB as well somehow?)
S.P.D.: - Bluehead Krybot & Orangehead Krybot, now independent of Grumm and now serving under a new villain)
Mystic Force - Koragg (would make up for good Wolf Warrior vs. (now real) Koragg battle)
Operation Overdrive - Kamdor (the way he betrayed Miratrix was brutal in my opinion)
Jungle Fury - Phantom Beast Generals
R.P.M. - Kilobyte
Samurai - The Papyrox
Megaforce - Metal Alice
Super Megaforce - Dramas (but the Gokaiger version, not the toned-down SMF version)
Dino Charge & Ninja Steel - no idea. I have not seen those seasons. Only Fury from DC caught my eyes because his Sentai counterpart was amazing.
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