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Default Ray Calderon Fast Facts

Here is some interesting facts about Ray Calderon and his involvement in the fandom that I didn't include in his history piece. But they seem worth mentiioning.

1. In the early days of PRC , Ray provided webhosting to Mike Oxman's Zeo Newsletters. Which we're a huge part of the fandom in the mid 90s.

2. Despite Ray's early involvement in the newsgroup he became a bit of a hermit from the rest of the online fandom.... As his own websites took off. It wasn't often that you saw him outside of Rangerboard or his network of sites. This was mostly do to the fact that a lot of Power Rangers fans would send him all kinds of emails with demands for updates or questions.

2. In the late 90s early 2000s, PRC was often referred to as one of the big three sites of the fandom. This was along with Power Rangers Online Archives and the Morphing Grid.

3. Ray Calderon was interviews in one of the PRO Newsletters by Mike Wayne. An interview Ray later admitted to writing himself.

4. For a short time Ray had a Dragon Ball Z site. He also had a site dedicated to himself, more like a internet profile. This site remained online for awhile but was closed after he gave up PRC.

5. Ray put together some Rangerboard Gatherings in New York during the mid 2000s. In an era before the fandom had an official convention like Morphicon. Most of these gatherings we're usually featured a laser tag game. Ray also has been known to travel to many anime and toku conventions as a fan.

6. Ray is known to have once had a huge Power Rangers Toy Collection. Which he has posted in galleries before. Ray sold a lot of this on Rangerboard. Citing that he needed the space.
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