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Kamen Rider Decade
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Default Favorite Kamen Rider Seasons

For my absolute favorite I am torn between, Faiz, Blade, & Kabuto.

Kabuto because of Tendou's personality, Tsurugi's self-hatred, and Kagami's quest to find acceptance and friendship from Tendou and his father.

Faiz because it showed it the best, regardless of being biologically human or not you can still be human. It also exemplified self-sacrifice to the extreme with Kaixa's earliest users.

Blade exemplified sacrifice to save another the best with Kenzaki intentionally becoming an Undead, giving up everything he has ever known so that Hajime could continue living as a human with Akane.

Den-O takes second or fourth depending on how you want to look at it. It showed that even the wimpiest, least graceful, & clumsy could be a hero. It's also a fine example of self-sacrifice in the older version of Sakurai Yuuto who faded out of existance to insure that Humanity would survive.

Hibiki of all the ones I have seen from beginning to end is my least favorite. Of them all not a single member of the Kaiju was shown to have any have semblance of humanity at all. I also didn't like the whole teaching theme that was going on. not a single Rider really resonated with me. The ending while it didn't have the problem Faiz's did (i.e. the final bad guy was still alive and at anytime could come back to destroy humanity) Hibiki's didn't really feel like a conclusion, they only showed a part of the final battle and then just cut to a year later.

If all you want to do is bash a certain season(s), start your own thread.
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