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Default Create a Ranger

If you created yourself a ranger identity (like my chronoranger character) what would its characteristics and bio be?

Height, Weight, and Age:
Ranger Team Affiliation: (chronoranger is a time force ranger^_^)

Let's see who can come up with the hottest powers....
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Default Re: Create a Ranger

Name: Rangertron #FF0000
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 1 Ton
Age: 2 years
Ethnicity: n/a
Origin: Secret underground black ops underground laboratory
Ranger Team Affiliation: None
Bio: Built to solve the biggest problem with Power Rangers, human error.
Powers: Only a sissy bitch uses special powers.
Zord/Megazord: Grows and armors up.
Weapons: Due to the modular and transformable nature of its body, it can create the weapon best suited for the situation.
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Default Re: Create a Ranger

I was considering doing this and I thought why not? It couldn't hurt.

Name: Matt
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 200 lbs
Age: 31
Ethnicity: white

Origin: Matt comes from Angel Grove.

Ranger Team Affiliation: No team.

Bio: Years ago Matt met Zordon's son, Zokar and Zokar explained to him how there were secret teams that were elsewhere in the universe as well as secret powers that would give the holder of the power the ability to morph into any superhero being whether they are Power Rangers or not and this would also allow them to use the various powers, vehicles, zords but it would also give them the weaknesses of the heroes or vehicles.

Zokar explained how there were 7 special artifacts called Eltar Stars that Matt needed to find in order to access those powers however each Star would only access a specific group of heroes until all 7 are activated at once. Team Power-Ups such as the Metallic Armor and Lights of Orion will not be able to be activated unless the 5 Stars that correspond to those powers are found and activated.

Powers: Matt eventually receives an Eltarian Star which causes him to morph into the White Star Ranger but he just does whatever he pleases as do his other teammates.
His other powers allow him the ability to access any of the 6th Rangers' weapons and zords regardless of their fate as well as the Extra Rangers' arsenal and the Extra Warriors' arsenal.
His powers also allow him to control a Megazord (such as the Megatigerzord, Delta Command Megazord, Solar Streak Megazord, Flashpoint Megazord, etc.) all by himself and he doesn't need to burden himself with going inside of it in order to pilot it either, he can just pilot it from outside like the Green Ranger did with the Dragonzord.
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Default Re: Create a Ranger

Because I mentioned him in the previous post, I thought I should post him as well.

Name: Zokar
Height, Weight, and Age: 5'6''
Ethnicity: N/A
Origin: Eltar
Ranger Team Affiliation: Eltarian Squads
Bio: Zokar was born shortly before Zordon had went to Angel Grove to set up shop there in case of an emergency situation however Zokar was the leader of various organizations on Eltar. During a job as a Cop on the planet, he had to kill a serial killer in self defense and he discovered he ran out of bullets but didn't realize it until the last thing that came out which wasn't a bullet at all. The thing that came out was a special Red seed that activated immediately and allowed him the power to morph into the Alpha Z Ranger

Powers: The Alpha Z Ranger is the American counterpart of Super Sentai's AkaRed that was introduced in Boukenger vs Super Sentai and later appeared in Gokaiger. Alpha Z Ranger shares the same powers as AkaRed does but Alpha Z can morph into any of the primary Red Rangers and he can also summon any of their weapons and other arsenal as well including the zords. He can use some Megazords regardless of their fates but it depends on whether they originally had an auto pilot system for some of their zords or not.
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Default Re: Create a Ranger

Name: Wesley Grubberg
Height 5’5”
Weight: 130lbs
Age: 32
Ethnicity: Caucasian with some other nationals into him.
Origin: He’s from Hamilton, Ohio.

Body Type: Natural Skinny.

Planet: Grutoden.

Ranger Team Affiliation: Rebel Force

Bio: He was created with all the energy of all the past Rangers' powers. He was lab rat for Branorseek Empire aka The Emperor Whall Branorseek. He was fused with all the old powers of the old Power Ranger's powers leftovers. He lost his memories due to his being tested on. He loves to watch professional wrestling, Wants to learn how to play the Harp, He wants to learn how to due all the Ballroom dances. He love playing strategy games like Chess, Checkers and Stratego. He helps out with Kids church. He’s creative, witty and once awhile he’s a prankster. He loves to help others. He hates the Empire so much he created the Rebel Force Rangers. He's Black Ranger. He's the lost son of Zordon & Dimitria. He first serves the Empire but he fell in love with one of the future rangers.

Powers: Shape-shifting, Intangibility, Teleportation, Invisibility, Magnetism Manipulation and Regeneration.


Pegacorn (Purple)
Pegasus (Pink)
Phoenix (Yellow)
Kraken (Blue)
Griffin (Green)
Sphinx (Black)

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