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Default Casting Call Power Rangers Resistance Zeo Reborn

[align=left] Power Rangers Resistance Zeo Reborn

****************Power Rangers Resistance Zeo Reborn Casting Call.


****************Power Rangers Resistance

****************Background - In the year 1998 the alliance of Evil under the command of Dark Spectre launched an all out assault across the universe that saw the good across the universe wiped out and the forces of evil triumph.

****************The universe’s last hope was the legendary Power Rangers from space. Sadly when arriving back on Earth in the Megaship they were ambushed by Astronema's space fleet, with back up from forces from the Machine Empire, and swiftly killed with the Megaship destroyed.

****************Elsewhere Zhane makes a last stand with the remaining rangers, the Phantom Ranger and the Gold Zeo ranger, on the colony KO-35 where they are overwhelmed and killed. Meanwhile Dark Spectre survives an assassination attempt by Darkonda. With the destruction of the rangers and Zordon’s powers being drained, effectively destroying him, evil reigns supreme and all hope is lost.

****************Ten years have passed and the people of earth still fight on despite the loss of much of humanity. A secret rebel movement has been formed across the world known as Freedom led by William Mitchell with the aid of Princess Shayla and his Chief of Science Angela Fairweather.

****************Their headquarters of this movement is Animarium, a floating island in the sky that is protected and hidden by a mysterious force. Freedom has many allies and agents across the world such as Sensei Kanoi Watanabe, who has a secret academy underground training spies for Freedom, Hayley Ziktor a scientist and ally of Tommy Oliver the ex Red, green, and white ranger, who along with all other retired rangers were hunted down and killed after the Triumph of Evil. Hayley has established an underground research base designing the next generation of Power Rangers and tech for Freedom.

****************The United Alliance of Evil itself is stretched thin, fighting a fierce war against two new factions of power, the Federation of Villainy and the Confederation of Ancient Evil, who seek to take their position as top dog of the universe.

****************The Federation of Villainy is led by the Evil Lothar and his army of Space ninjas and allied with Scorpius, an evil alien Warlord and Trakeena his dark daughter, and the pirate Captain Mutiny.

****************The Confederation of Ancient Evil is led by Master Org and his army of Orgs, with support from Mesagog and his mastery of Science, and of course the mysterious Emperor Emperor Gruumm and what little resources he has left after he flee his time when it started to unravelled around him along with the Mutant terrorist Ransik and his army of mutants who fled their timeline, which also disappeared.

****************The United Alliance of Evil itself is also on the verge of civil War with two factions ready to start fighting it out. The Machine Empire along with Divatox, while Master Vile and his family stand loyal to Astronema and Dark Spectre.

****************Of course the United Alliance of Evil has a secret Weapon and agent to deal with the troublesome Freedom, Long and his army of Rinshi.

****************Ten Years Later Aquatar

****************Hydro Hog, returned from the dead by Divatox. divatox used some Power that she had been granted by Dark spectre to open a rift that revived him and a ton of other monsters. A side effect of Hydro Hog revevial was that his power was increased. He created a new race of minions called Ungler Soldiers, based upon old legends of mutants in the caves of Aquatar.
****************Hydro Hog convinced the other newly revived monsters to back him in hsi plan to take over Aquatar, which they did. Hydro Hoig now controls his new Kingdom with the aid of his monster Army and his Generals

****************General Shocker. An evil mutant creature hell bent on loyal to Hyrdo hog and wishes to expand their terrortory and join the Federation of Villiany

****************Louie Ka Boom. Ex puppet emporor of the machine empire. Hydro Hog rebuilt him as a second loyal Ally. Secretly working for Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa and is trying to get Hydro Hog to join the United Alliance of Evil.

****************Billy and Alpha 5 have spent the last Ten years rebuilding a secret base and Zords on the firstmoon of Aquatar Titan. Their source for the new rangers. The Zeo crystal. The Zeo Crystal was given to Billy in secret by Zodon when the Rangers updated to Turbo. This was a part iof Zordons emergancy plan incase there was time when he and all the forces of good had been defeated. Which is the premise of Power Rangers Resistence.
****************Co runner Lindsay Oliver.

****************Cast Rangers

****************Red Ranger/ Cedric Jones/ Ciaran Red/ Me
****************Yellow Ranger/??????
****************Green Ranger/Stephen Kopper/Dai Ranger
****************Blue Ranger/ Clark Ryan/Reaper
****************Pink Ranger/Aqua Estruo/ Samurai Pink
****************Gold Ranger/Marissa/Lindsay Oliver.

****************Co Cast
****************Billy /me
****************Alpha 5/me
****************Various characters/me

****************Hydrohog/me/Lindsay Oliver[attachment=8]

****************Louie Koboom/me/Lindsay oliver[attachment=10]

****************Lord Shocker/me/ Lindsay[attachment=9]

**** Ungler Soldiers Everybody [attachment=11]

****************Ranger Gear: Zeonizers all rangers
****************Zeonizers calls

***************** "Zeo Ranger I – Pink!"
***************** "Zeo Ranger II – Yellow!"
***************** "Zeo Ranger III – Blue!"
***************** "Zeo Ranger IV – Green!"
***************** "Zeo Ranger V – Red!"
***************** "Gold Ranger Power!"

****************Weopens Blasters everyone.
****************Zeo Blade/Laser Pistol: Standard Zeo Ranger side-arms that can be combinedfor extra power.
****************Zeo Sword: Red Zeo Ranger's personal weapon.
****************Zeo Hatchets: Green Zeo Ranger's personal weapons.
****************Zeo Bladed Tonfas: Blue Zeo Ranger's personal weapons.
****************Zeo Dual Nunchucks: Yellow Zeo Ranger's personal weapons. Zeo Shield: Pink Zeo Ranger's personal weapon.
****************Golden Power Staff: Gold Zeo Ranger's personal weapon, capable of firing a "Gold Rush" blast as a finisher.
****************Zeo Cannon: A powerful cannon that draws its power from all the Zeo Rangers.
****************Defender Wheel: Any of the Rangers can enter this giant wheel and launch themselves at an opponent, destroying them in a spinning mass of energy.
****************Zeo Jet Cycles everyone

****************CASting call requirements
****************Age (18 to 30)
****************Race human Aquatarian other (must be beleivable and humaniod)
****************Picture no anime
****************Brief Bio. Explain how you got free to Titan.
****************Zord. The original Zeo Megazord

****************Zeo Zord 1: Piloted by Pink Zeo Ranger
****************Zeo Zord 2: Piloted by Yellow Zeo Ranger
****************Zeo Zord 3: Piloted by Blue Zeo Ranger
****************Zeo Zord 4: Piloted by Green Zeo Ranger
****************Zeo Zord 5: Piloted by the Red Zeo Ranger

****************Pyramidas there are five and the form the Zeo Ultra Zord. currently under repair! along with other Zords, except the original Zords.

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